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Team :

Barbara JEANDEAU(Project Manager), Arthur GUILLERMIN HAZAN (iOS Designer), Lucas GUARNERI (interface designer),
Thomas ITURRALDE (Front-end developer), Anthony ROUX (Back-end developer), Yves DO (Copywriter)


The brief

Groww is aimed to be your new pocket gardener. If your are like me and you do not know how to properly take care of you little green friend, Groww is made for you. The initial brief was to think the whole iOS app, and to imagine cool features and brand identity.

The main target of this new app is obviously the working urbanized early thirty living in a flat and looking for a green touch to match with his hipster environment.

Pocket gardener


Visual Identity

We wanted a strong brand identity to make the user feels like his plants are like his friends. That’s why we have chosen illustrations to bring a friendly message to the user. We designed some plant buddies, a sketch logo, and sharp gardening icons.

Colour palette

Of course there is some green. It’s a gardening app! Green colour means nature. It’s the colour of balance and growth. Pink is also used for reinsurance. It convey care and softness, exactly like the way your are supposed to treat your little green friends.

Groww colour palette

  • img01
  • img02
  • img03
  • img04


Gardening is a handmade passion, driven by your ability to take care of others. But it’s also an activity that needs to be careful and to learn from your own mistakes. That’s why we wanted a logo that matches to all these criteria: we used a sketchy typography which reminds a detailed note-taking gardeners use to do, and our little buddy/mascotte.


From UX to UI

We really wanted your plants to become your close friend. We thought that you’d take care of your little buddy the same way you could behave with your relatives. After all, they are like family to you!

We decided you could really personify your plants, from the moment you add them into the app, to the saddest moment of her death. You can nickname them, set up the kind of notifications you wish to receive, and even know how she feels at the moment.

Level of happiness


The use of cards to display information, notifications, or other plant activities makes it very easy to visualize what kind of information you see. There is also a color you can set up for each plant you have, that makes you super easy to know which info for which plant.

Timeline (Home)

Plants database

Plants settings

My plant view

Write a note

Notifications actions

Plant index card



We really wanted your plants to have some feelings, and obviously, to show those feelings. That’s why we decided to sketch some buddies, which will be the expression of your plants behaviour.

The buddies family

img02 img02
img02 img02
img02 img02
img02 img02
img02 img02


We had many actions the user can do to take care of his plants. We drafted the sharpest gardening icons to show some basic and specific actions. Try to guess all of them!

Days before watering


Gardening icons


Notification card


The result

Because a picture speaks a thousand words… Scroll down in the browser if you want to see more.

img02 img02 img02 img02

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