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Team :

Barbara JEANDEAU(Project Manager), Arthur GUILLERMIN HAZAN (Lead Designer), 
Hélène PRUVOT (d3.js developer),
Loic SAINT-ROCH (API developer), Charles TALBOT (Back-end developer), Loic PADOWSKI (Data analyst)


The brief is the result of a 3 weeks work in 3rd year at HETIC. The only brief we had was to use any kind of data and making something meaningful out of them. As we were all music lovers, we decided to make a live dataviz using facebook and echonest API to collect data and deliver them to the user so he could compare himself with his friends.

Music through data

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Visual Identity

We wanted the user to dive into music and data, and to make him familiar very fast with the UX. We simplified drastically the UI, and decided to alternate between a dark module, and a light module to bring dynamism throughout the navigation.

So, is a single page experience and each module is full-height so you can switch through modules by scrolling.

Colour palette

To easily switch beetween modules, we wanted colours that match on both light and dark background. The red one does de job perfectly, so is the green you’ll see above. colour palette

  • img01
  • img02
  • img03
  • img04


The logo was the first part of the design made. The colour palette was thought wisely to match with the UI. I wanted an illustration part to be used separately if needed.


Focus on UI details

As we wanted a scrollable one-page , I chose a simple and easy way to navigate between each modules.

As a result, you can see that some part of the UI are common to each modules to help the used understand the idea.

Hover view of a selected area


Sidebar menu & scroll between modules


We made 2 sidebars colours to perfectly match

with the background of the current module.


Stats modules

For each module, we designed the specific chart that came along with the data we wanted to display. From a simple line chart, to a sexy radar chart, not to mention the dot chart, and the world chart.

Artist location module

img02 img02 img02 img02

Genre comparison module


Battle module

minutes of listens
this week

minutes of listens
this week





Genre comparison details


Think social

Social is the heart of this music experience. We wanted to gather not only your own music stats, but all your friends as well, so you would be able to compare and compete with them. At each steps of your navigation, you can chose one or several friends picked in your facebook friend list.

Search for a fb friend

Click them!

  • Barbara Jeandeau

    9 playlists published

  • Loïc Padowski

    8 playlists published

  • Loïc Saint-Roch

    6 playlists published

  • Helen Pruvot

    9 playlists published

  • Lucie Reitz

    9 playlists published

  • Yves Do

    9 playlists published


The result

Because a picture speaks a thousand words… Scroll down in the browser if you want to see more.


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For more informations, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

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